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The Defending The Future series of military science fiction anthologies.


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 Military Science Fiction Review, art by Mike McPhail

Military SF, is a science fiction in which the primary characters are active members of the armed forces. John Ringo, ShevaCon 2012, whats new in 2017 AD









David Sherman's, Issue In Doubt, book 1 in the 18th Race trilogy.
18th Race Trilogy, bk 1
Issue In Doubt
David Sherman
David Sherman's, In All Directions, book 2 in the 18th Race trilogy.
18th Race Trilogy, bk 2
In All Directions
David Sherman
The Best Of Defending The Future, The Fan Favorites, Military Science Fiction
The Best Of,
Defending The Future
Series Editor:
Mike McPhail
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Dog Of War, Reissued, Military Science Fiction Anthology
Defending The Future,
Dogs Of War
Series Editor:
Mike McPhail
Man And Machine, Military Science Fiction Anthology
Defending The Future,
Man And Machine
Series Editor:
Mike McPhail



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