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Danielle Ackley-McPhail

DTF-Breach the Hull


Space Pirates

  DTF-So It Begins
  The Stories In Between
  DTF- By Other Means/No Mans Land

Kris Alexander

Servants of the Light

Allan Burd

The Roswell Protocols

Mitchell Davidson Bentley

Atomic Fly Studios

Christopher Besse


S. A. Bolich DTF-No Man's Land
Anthony Bourne GEN-EG
Jennifer Brozek DTF-No Man's Land
Jack Campbell ref: John G. Hemry
James Chambers

DTF-Breach the Hull

Mark O. Chapman Scout Squad: Going Native

Deborah Teramis Christain

DTF-No Man's Land
Tom Ciolli Gulag Moon
Myke Cole SO-Control Point

Brenda Cooper

The Silver Ship and the Sea
  DTF-No Man's Land
Dan Cragg


Nathaniel Danes

The Last Hero

Jason William Egroff

The Tento Saga

Raymund Eich

Take The Shilling

Gregg Feistman The War Merchants
Judi Fleming DTF-No Man's Land
Nancy Fulda Dark Expanse: Surviving The Collapse
Laurie Gailunas DTF-No Man's Land
Charles E. Gannon DTF-So It Begins
Adam G. Griffith The Harbinger and the Shepherd

Teel James Glenn

TE-Across The Wasteland

Robert Greenberger

Star Trek

Martin Roy Hill


John G. Hemry

DTF-Breach the Hull

  DTF-By Other Means

CJ Henderson

DTF-Breach the Hull



  DTF-So It Begins
  DTF-By Other Means
Dan Henk The Black Seas of Infinity
Simon Kewin Dark Expanse: Surviving The Collapse
E. E. Knight (by Ann Wilkes) March In Country
Walter Knight America's Galactic Foreign Legion

Brian Koscienski

Sciencey Tales of Science Fiction

R. J. Leahy

Tigra, The Obsidian Seed

Travis Leichssenring

K Studio

Kimberley Long-Ewing DTF-No Man's Land
Jeffrey Lyman

DTF-Breach the Hull

  DTF-By Other Means
Steven Montano Blood Skies series

NAME: Mac - Mc

Will McDermott

Lasgun Wedding

Jack McDevitt

DTF-Breach the Hull

Mike McPhail

DTF-Breach the Hull

  DTF-So It Begins


Jonathan Maberry

Patient Zero

Nancy Jane Moore DTF-No Man's Land
Barry K. Nelson The McKenzie Files (TMcKF)
  Assassination Anxiety (TMcKF2)
Herny V. O'Neil see: Vincent H. O'Neil
Vincent H. O'Neil Glory Main
Mark H. Phillips

The Resqueth Revolution

Chris Pisano

Sciencey Tales of Science Fiction

Andy Remic


  DTF-So It Begins

Press Release:  


John B. Rosenman

Beyond Those Distant Stars

James Daniel Ross

DTF-Breach the Hull

  DTF-So It Begins
  RA-The Key To Damocles

Tony Ruggiero

AoD-Operation:Save The Innocent


DTF-Breach the Hull

Martin Schiller

Sisterhood of Suns: Pallas Athena

Lawrence M. Schoen

DTF-Breach the Hull

David Sherman


Press Release:  

Starfist Movie Proposal
  DTF-So It Begins
  The Junkyard Dogs
  DTF-By Other Mean
  DT-Get Her Back
Alex Shvartsman Dark Expanse: Surviving The Collapse


Dark Expanse: Surviving The Collapse

Hildy Silverman

Space and Time Magazine

William Snee Dark Expanse


Dark Expanse: Surviving The Collapse

Bud Sparhawk

DTF-Breach the Hull



  DTF-So It Begins
  DTF-By Other Mean
Michael J. Sullivan Ridan Publishing

Marshall S. Thomas

Soldiers of the Legion

  Cross of the Legion

Patrick Thomas

DTF-Breach the Hull

Patrick Todoroff Running Black

Keith Tracton

FirePower Pass


FirePower Pass
Deborah Walker Dark Expanse: Surviving The Collapse
Robert E. Waters DTF-By Other Means
David Weber Honor Harrington
Ann Wilkes DTF-No Man's Land
David J. Williams Burning Skies

Michael Z. Williamson

Contact With Chaos

Phoebe Wray DTF-No Man's Land

John C. Wright

DTF-Breach the Hull

Jeff Young DTF-By Other Means

Sciencey Tales of Science Fiction


Stargate Pegasus (Fan Film)

Jean-Christophe Laborde


Gwenael Caravaca


Loan Pras

Stargate SGC MSgt Michael "Don" Donovich Reviews

Across The Wasteland Teel James Glenn

Baen's Years Best MSF and SO 2015

David Afsharirad (Editor)

Battletech, The Nellus Adacemy Incident Jennifer Brozek

Breach The Hull

Mike McPhail (Editor)

Burning Skies

Brenda Cooper

Coming Home

Jack McDevitt

Element Christopher Besse


Jack McDevitt

Gremline, The Subterrene War

T.C. McCarthy

Growing Up Patton (Biography)

Benjamin Patton

In Fire Forged

David Weber

Inside Out Maria V. Snyder
JS- J2 Phoebe Wray
JS- Jemma 7729 Phoebe Wray

Monster Hunter Alpha

Larry Correia

Monster Hunter International

Larry Correia

Monster Hunter Legion

Larry Correia

Monster Hunter Nemesis

Larry Correia

Monster Hunter Vendetta

Larry Correia

Outside In

Maria V. Snyder
Reading the Wind

Brenda Cooper

Running Black Patrick Todoroff

So It Begins

Mike McPhail (Editor)

Starship: Mutiny Mike Resnick

The Red Trilogy: The Red: First Light

Linda Nagata

The Red Trilogy: The Trials

Linda Nagata

The Red Trilogy: Going Dark

Linda Nagata

The Clone Redemption

Steven L. Kent

The Junkyard Dogs

David Sherman
The Martian General's Daughter Theodore Judson
The Obsidian Seed R. J. Leahy
The Resqueth Revolution Mark H. Phillips
The Silver Ship and the Sea Brenda Cooper

R. J. Leahy

Wings of Creation Brenda Cooper


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James Cameron
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