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Hildy Silverman

Space and Time magazine

09-27-07: interviews Hildy Silverstein owner and publisher of the magazine Space and Time.

MilSciFi: "Welcome. What is it like taking over a magazine with such a long history?"

Silverman: "It’s daunting. This has been Gordon Linzner’s baby since he was in high school and he grew it from a stapled fanzine to one of the most respected small-press magazines in the field. There’s a tremendous amount of history that comes with a 40-year-old publication; a history I intend to honor."

MilSciFi: "What plans do you have for the magazine?"

Silverman: "Many! The first phase is already accomplished, which was a redesign of the magazine itself. The layout is now in InDesign rather than Word, so it will be much easier to put together and edit each issue. Kate Freeman also redesigned the logo and style of the layout, so it is sharper and easier to read."

As I type this, Rowena Sandoval is nearly finished redesigning the web site, which is going to be very spiffy when she is done.

I am also working with my distributors to increase Space and Time’s retail presence. You will see us in Barnes and Noble as of Issue 101 and we should be back into Borders with Issue 102, barring anything unforeseen. We now have a presence on There is also a lot of focus on growing our subscriber base. You’ll be seeing me and my editorial staff promoting S&T at a lot of conventions, starting with World Fantasy 2007.

The biggest change will occur in 2008, when we become a quarterly publication for the first time in Space and Time’s history. I believe this is essential for the long-term growth and success of the magazine.

MilSciFi: "Tell us a bit about the focus of the magazine."

Silverman: "The focus of the magazine is fiction. While we do have the occasional review or article to break things up, we exist chiefly to bring great fiction from established and up-and-coming authors to the attention of our readers. We love to publish stories that are difficult to pigeonhole. Give us your science fiction/horror, fantasy/science fiction, space opera/horror – “frankenstories” are our friends!"

MilSciFi: "Is Space and Time accepting submissions? Where can hopefuls go for more information on submissions?"

Silverman: "We are open to poetry submissions right now. Those can be submitted to our poetry editor, Linda Addison, at Your readers should visit our web site and read the guidelines before submitting.

We are going to be opening to fiction submissions again before the end of 2007. I inherited a large backlog, but it will be depleted as of Issue 102. For more on fiction submissions, the best place to visit first is our website, I will also announce when we are open again on places like and

Any artists out there can feel free to query my art editor, Diane Weinstein, at We are always on the lookout for talented illustrators to add to our stable."

MilSciFi: "About what percentage of your submissions are military science fiction?"

Silverman: "A very small percentage – I would estimate less than 5%. However, we just published a very cool military SF story in Issue 101 – “Field Time,” by Holly Phillips. We certainly welcome that type of submission."

MilSciFi: "What is Space and Time most noted for? What names would we particularly recognize from past issues?"

Silverman: "I’d say we’re most noted for having provided an outlet to up-and-comers who went on to become big names in the industry. A few that come to mind, off the top of my head, are Josepha Sherman, Darrell Schweitzer, A.R. Morlan, and artist Alex Saviuk."

MilSciFi: "What else do you do besides Space and Time?"

Silverman: "By day, I am a freelance consultant, specializing in e-learning and marketing communications projects for a variety of companies. I’ve written and managed production of major training initiatives for firms ranging from AT&T to Bowker. I was also a contributing editor to a magazine on infertility called “Achieving Families” for several years; unfortunately, they have ceased publication."

MilSciFi: "Give us the details on your upcoming promotional appearances."

Silverman: "Not a lot of details yet, but in 2007 I will be attending World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs, NY and Philcon in Philadelphia, PA. I am a member of the Literary Programming committee for Philcon. You’ll see me on panels at various conventions throughout the year, and Space and Time will be available for sale by various dealers at most of the East Coast conventions."

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