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Jennifer Brozek

Jennifer Brozek

04-28-2011: interviews author Jennifer Brozek, contributor to the anthology, No Man's Land, book four in the Defending The Future series.

MilSciFi: "Welcome. Please tell us about your story. What was the inspiration for it?"

Brozek: "My story is called M.O.V.E., an acronym for Military Observation Visit Experience. It was inspired by my own military training and the base visits we would have to observe active duty military personnel on the job. It allowed us to see what sorts of opportunities were out there."

MilSciFi: "Is it a part of a larger universe?"

Brozek: "Yes. This story is part of my Kember Empire series. I've written a couple of stories and a space opera novel in this universe. One of the stories preceding this one is available on the Wily Writers website. It is called "Honoring the Dead." You meet Natara in the last part of the story. M.O.V.E. is about what became of her."

MilSciFi: "Any plans to continue with this storyline?"

Brozek: "I have plans to continue writing in the Kember Empire. I am not certain if another Natara Kintares is in the works. I'll know it when she pops up and says hello again."

MilSciFi: "Each story is accompanied by a unique icon, can you tell us something about the relevance behind your own?"

Brozek: "The "Cometeers" is a mixed military unit in the Guardsmen service. They accompany many of the Explorers on their missions as protection and to deal with first contact situations. "Apocalypse Girl" is a nickname I've had for a very long time. Sometimes, when I write in the Kember Empire, I feel like it is a first contact situation. The universe is so big."

MilSciFi: "How did you become involved with the No Man's Land project?"

Brozek: "Danielle Ackley McPhail told me about the project and asked if I would be interested. I jumped at the chance."

MilSciFi: "What were your thoughts about the fact that this was a collection featuring all-female authors?"

Brozek: "I think women are becoming more and more visible as military and sff military authors. Women have always been involved in the military one way or anotherówhether or not it has been on active duty. I think women feel the need to express their opinion about the military and the military life."

MilSciFi: "What tips would you given an aspiring military science fiction author, female or otherwise?"

Brozek: "Realize that there is a separate military culture. It is not like the south or the north. There is a different understand of and adherence to the military's rules. Talk with someone in the military about the story you want to write and let them help you get the right military feel to the piece."

MilSciFi: "Is military accuracy important to you, or can one simply 'fake' it?"

Brozek: "Details matter. At some points, you can fake it but not for long. Especially if your main character is military and is an expert in their field. Understand everything from dress codes to insignia to the chain of command. You have to know the rules before you can break them in a way that makes sense for the genre."

MilSciFi: "Have you been involved with any similar projects?"

Brozek: "This is the first time I've been in an all female anthology. I'm looking forward to seeing what the other authors have written."

MilSciFi: "With your growing success as an author, do you plan to continue writing for the Defending the Future series?"

Brozek: "As long as I keep being invited back, have a good story idea in mind and have the time, absolutely. I do enjoy writing sff military fiction."

MilSciFi: "Are there any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about?"

Brozek: "I have a couple anthologies coming outóBeast Within 2 by Graveside Tales, Space Tramps: Full Throttle Space Tales #5 and Human for a Day by DAW. I also have a Shadeside novella coming out from Dark Quest Books in late 2011 called The Lady of Seeking in the City of Waiting."

MilSciFi: "And what events do you have in the months ahead?"

Brozek: "I will be at GenCon Indy in early August 2011 and WorldCon/RenovationSF in late August 2011. That's about as far out in my schedule as I have planned right now."

MilSciFi: "Thank you for your time."

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