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Author Tony Ruggiero

Tony Ruggiero


01-21-08: interviews Tony Ruggiero author of the upcoming military science fiction/fantasy novel, Operation Save the Innocent.

MilSciFi: "Welcome. What was your inspiration for your story?"

Ruggiero: "During my twenty-three years on active duty, I spent a four years working with the Navy Seals. There is a justifiable mentality with any of the Special Forces—to be the best and most efficient killing machine. My thoughts took this concept and asked: “How could you improve upon this?” The answer was the vampire. With that utterance of one word, the Team of Darkness Chronicles was born. What a superb and perfect killing machine that vampire could be if you could control it. That was the key to making this all work—how would they control the vampires."

MilSciFi: "What other upcoming works are on the horizon for you?"

Ruggiero: "Well that’s a good question…but I am not sure of the answer. I have three other books in various states if accomplishment and another one that I just started. For the immediate future, that is after April when this books is released, the following year is book 3 of the series but I hope to crank something out before that—or so I hopeJ"

MilSciFi: "How would you describe your experience working on the book?"

Ruggiero: "Each book in the series is invoking a learning process. It’s as if I evolve with the vampires that I have created. As they learn new things or as their role shifts, I change along with them. Wow—that’s scary—who is writing who here?"

MilSciFi: "What was your favorite part, the concept that just really gets you going?"

Ruggiero: "The favorite part for me is the tie in to our modern day world. To be able to take the mythos of

the vampire and blend it into present day society. It’s trying to think from the perspective of a one hundred year old creature who has experienced so much—and trying to figure out how they would react to situations and what would interest them—what would be their goals and desires?"

MilSciFi: "Give us the details on your upcoming author appearances."

Ruggiero: "Well let’s see, I think it goes something like this:"

February a convention called Itsnotacon in Columbus, Ohio

March a convention called Stellarcon in High Point, NC

April is RavenCon in Richmond, Virginia

May is Balticon in Hunt Valley, MD

June is Duckon in Naperville, Illinois

July is Conestoga in Tulsa, Oklahoma

August is Wolrdcon in Denver, CO

October is Wold Fantasy in Calgary Alberta

And I think that’s most of it.

MilSciFi: "Is this book a part of a series? Tell us a bit about it."

Ruggiero: "The book is the second book of a four book series. The first book was Operation Immortal Servitude, or formerly known as Team of Darkness. In that book the vampires are discovered and captured and brought back to the United States and pressed into military service. In the second book, we pick up with the vampires and their escape from the military captors as well as introduce a woman vampire, Christina, and two small children. The rescue of the two children continues into book III. Book IV will be set in Kosovo where the vampires came from and to where the pursuit takes their military and government pursuers."

MilSciFi: "What is some of your other work?"

Alien Deception: Something to keep in mind with the upcoming presidential election: Nothing is as it appears…nothing. Your whole life you think you understand who and what you are and then one day you learn that it is all a lie. So what do you do? You have lunch with the leading candidate for President of the United States…you and your alien friends.

Alien Revelation: Death has many meanings. For some it is an end, while for others it is a beginning. Yet, for one human/alien hybrid, it is a way to have one final chance to try and save his home, Earth, a son he has never seen, and find an enemy that just won’t stay dead. The exciting conclusion to Alien Deception.

Aliens and Satanic Creatures Wanted: Humans Need Not Apply. Aliens, Satanic Creatures, and other alternate life forms have gathered together to make a stand for literary fairness. Move over pesky human...a change is coming. An anthology of short stories where the center character is not human; includes the award winning story, Lucky Lucifer’s Car Emporium, as well as Electronic Bliss, Invasion or Subversion, and Going up?

I also have a short story called, Perspectives in the military anthology, Breach the Hull. In addition keep an eye out for a humorous tale called, The Importance of Undergarments & Science Fiction Conventions, which will be appearing in the Writers For Relief Anthology II. 

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